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Property Development  

Contracted sales in 2018: RMB200.64billion
More than 600property development projects
Property Development area of more than80million square meters
Landbank area of 66.36million square meters

Property Investment  

Revenue in 2018 : RMB3.6 billion
30shopping malls opened
Operating area of2.958million square meters
More than 400million passenger flow in 2018

Long-term rental apartments  

Brand awareness ranking the top3 picks
Launched over 53 thousand new home units

Smart Service            

More than70cities
More than2000000household owners
Contract management area of268million square meters
Longfor Group Holdings Limited

Founded in 1993

in chongqing    

Longfor Group, founded in Chongqing in 1993, has developed its business nationwide. The four core business arms cover property development, commercial operation, long-term rental apartments and smart services, and Longfor proactively establishes innovative areas such as elderly-care and urbanization projects.

Longfor Group Holdings Limited (stock code: 960) listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2009. In 2018, the Group's revenue exceeded RMB110 billion, which rated as full investment-grade at domestic and international level. Today, the Group has more than 27,000 employees and a presence in seven city clusters and more than 40 cities. The Group has been awarded “Best 10 of Comprehensive Strength of China Real Estate Developers” for five consecutive years, and selected as one of the “Top 50 Listed Companies in the Asia-Pacific Region” by Forbes three times, and ranked in the list of “Forbes Global 500” and “Fortune China 500”.

Since the development of its first residential project, Longfor Garden Nanyuan, in Chongqing in 1997, Longfor has accumulated more than 700 development projects with a total development area of nearly 90 million sqm. Longfor is a five-time winner of the Guangsha Award, the highest honor in the China property market; a 11-time winner of the Zhan Tianyou Award, the highest honor in civil engineering in China; and its annual contract sales have reached two hundred billion sales.

As one of the earliest shopping mall developers in China, Longfor has developed three major brands: “Paradise Walk”, “Starry Street”, and “MOCO”. As of 2018, 400 million people had visited Longfor’s shopping malls, ranking 5th among the top 100 property developers in China. The Group currently has 29 shopping malls, with a construction area of approximately 2.96 million sqm, and works with over 4000 merchants and about 200 strategic cooperation brands.

Responding positively to the national housing policies which encourage both housing purchases and rentals, Longfor developed long-term rental apartments “Champion Apartments”, and adhered to the brand concept of “Free at my home” and “City Hub”to satisfy the living pattern of the new generation and consumption upgrade. By the end of December 2018, Champion Apartments had commenced operation in first- and second-tier cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, with over 50,000 apartment units.

Founded in 1997, Longfor Smart Service covers multiple areas ranging from residential and commercial property, malls to city public spaces. Longfor Smart Service has currently entered more than 70 cities nationwide, serving 2 million homeowners, with a contracted GFA of 268 million sqm. Longfor is highly regarded by customers for its high-quality service of “satisfaction” + “surprise” and it ranked among the top 10 in both comprehensive strength and service quality among China property services.

Since 2003, Longfor has commenced exploration in the field of TOD. By the end of December 2018, Longfor had implemented 20 TOD commercial projects, with a total business development area of more than 8 million sqm under the focus of TOD. Through the combination of various complex spaces and business integration in different urban locationss, the ecology was formed to grasp more possibilities in the future.

In addition to providing customers with quality products and services, Longfor is dedicated to taking on social responsibility in its role as an outstanding corporate citizen. It has been committed to social welfare undertakings such as housing assurance, poverty alleviation, ecological protection, civic education, employment enhancement and building a harmonious community for a long time. To date, the Group has completed construction of more than 15,000 units of indemnificatory housing. In addition, the Group has developed prominent campaigns such as “Longfor Spring Festival Goods” and carried out poverty alleviation initiatives every year. As of today, the investment in Longfor Charity and Public Welfare has nearly RMB800 million.

Supported by its core values of “Entrepreneurship, Integrity, Embracing Changes and Win-Win”, Longfor has developed a brand persona characterized as “Beyond the Ordinary, Tenacious and Down-to-Earth”. To cope with its rapid business growth, Longfor has developed a multi-level staff recruitment and development system, including its trainee system and “Officials”, “Blooming”, “Appointment of Generals” and “Commercial Customer Service” programmes to recruit candidates. These systems supplied the industry with professional management talents with the spirit of entrepreneurship. Longfor consistently pays attention to talent construction and promotes the employer value proposition of "long for me". In Longfor, employees can walk with professional and efficient teams, work warmly in a simple and direct culture, and iterate with platforms that connect the future. Throughout the life cycle of the career, Longfor continues to provide better products and services for fellow travelers, never forgetting their original intention and working together.

In the future, Longfor will adhere to the strategy of “SaaS,Space as a Service” and deeply participate in the reconstruction of urban space and services from the perspective of customers. It will also be driven by technology to constantly upgrade space operations solutions. Meanwhile, Longfor will deeply participating in the reconstruction of urban space and services, and constantly upgrading the capacity of space creation and services, building Alive Space and Compelling Service and constantly practices the business philosophy of “For You Forever”, provide more diversified services and development space for consumers and partners, and become a customer-centered space construction service enterprise.